HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©)

We know that interviews alone are not enough to comprehend a person in their entirety. At least not for the limited amount of time that we have. That is why, HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©) is integrated into all our procedures. The tool allows us, with a high degree of credibility, to evaluate an individual's hidden potential, objectively to judge who is the best fit for a certain team, and what you need to do before taking the next career step.

Don't worry, we value both your time and money. Candidates only go through the modules relevant to the scope of their responsibilities, and the test language and respectively the results analysis language can be selected from 28 options. This gives us great flexibility.

HILL Competence Analysis© at a glance

Comprehensive due to 7 modules

Individual potentials are versatile – this is especially true for professional and personal characteristics. The HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©) shows exactly this spectrum.

It is not limited to the collection of single factors but includes all facets of a person that are important for job and career.

Founded on science

The instrument is based on continuous research and development since 1980. The combination of scientific standards and distinctive practice relevance is especially emphasized. Sections of the procedure were also developed in the context of degree dissertations.

Versatile usage in personnel decisions

In practice the HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©) has especially proven itself in the areas of personnel selection, personnel development, management audits and evaluation of employees, identification of high potential employees, outplacement, career planning and consulting, as well as coaching.

Up-to-date due to continuous further development

The high quality of the tool is secured through continuous further development and updating through scientific standards in the own research and development department since 1980. Every 2 years an extensive standardization and analysis of the data is executed on the basis of an average of 5,000 persons.

Economic due to modular structure

The different modules can be combined and used individually depending on the purpose. This guarantees an economic application. The duration varies between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the number of modules.

Internationally applicable in 28 languages with country specific standardization

The special feature of this tool is the intercultural comparability and high validity of the results due to the country specific standardization based on local population data.

Clear results

A special answer evaluation equalizes individual answer styles, through the country specific standard comparison. The candidates are compared to a representative random sample of the respective country.

Evaluated and interpreted by trained experts

The interpretation of the results is performed by specially trained professionals. Clear recommendations are given regarding the possibilities and guidelines for development of the candidates.

High quality criteria

Every psychological procedure should measure up to the quality criteria of reliability, validity and objectivity. This guarantees that a procedure is really expressive.

The objectivity of the HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis© ) is secured by the standardized, computer supported guideline and the automatic, computer supported evaluation.

The reliability of the majority of the individual dimensions of the HILL Competence Analysis© is located over 0,8 (Cronbach's α). Scales under 0,75 are being improved continuously.

 The high job relevant reference and the strict highly structured conception of the HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis© ) guarantee high validity. The proof of validity of the results takes place, on the one hand, through numerous validity studies and on the other hand, through the almost 40-year long daily inspection in practice.