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Assessment/Development Centre

Assessment/Development Centre

Support your team and inspire them to fully dedicate and contribute the best they can


Growing a company demands continuous assessment and development. Even as the caliber of your employees increases as your business expands, there are always ways to further develop your team and fully utilise their individual and group potential. HILL Assessment Centre is the key to unlocking even greater success.


Our experts identify the core competencies of your team and use objective, thorough, and constructive feedback to make visible those areas where your employees can fine-tune their skills and overcome weaknesses. Our mission is to ensure your team is fully equipped to blaze the trail you have laid out for the future of your company.

We work with your employees individually to assess their personalities and interests, their core competencies and skill levels, and areas where they can improve their abilities. Once we’ve created the profiles, we work directly with employees to lay the groundwork for future development. In no time at all, you’ll have a team of even more motivated and talented individuals pushing your company toward even greater heights.

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Personnel Development

You already have a team that performs quite well, but there is still room for improvement. HILL’s methods ensure an objective assessment of your employees’ individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. With that assessment in hand, we work with you to develop with you a strategy to further develop your employees, resulting in an even more effective team and streamlined working processes.

Contact us at or +359 2 958 19 20

Assessment/Development Centre

Support your team and inspire them to fully dedicate and contribute the best they can

Just as a company will become stronger if it grows rather than stagnates, so will your employees achieve even greater results if you provide opportunities for their further development and individual contribution. We focus on the link between an organisation’s and an individual’s purpose. 

3valuation - 3D individual assessment

Three-dimensional orientation

HILL 3valuation offers you an excellent means of assessing your employees’ current competencies in a very “holistic” way. 

HILL_BEST FIT (HILL Competence Analysis)

Put the pieces of the puzzle together with HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©)

Are you searching for an analysis tool that allows you to determine objectively how to best set up your team? Look no further than HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©!

Individual Competence Check

Keep your team on top of its game!

Identifying the strengths and potentials of your team is a crucial part of further growing your company, this tool provides you with all the information you need to assess your team's potential, as well as their development needs.

Management Check

Make sure you have the right leaders on board with HILL Management Check

Are your leaders reaching their full potential? Is their leadership style in line with your company’s needs? HILL Management Check is designed to give you the answers to your questions and provide you with solutions that maximise efficiency.

Sales Force Check

Increase your bottom line with HILL Sales Force Check

No matter how great your products or services are, your company relies heavily on the power of your people to clinch the deal. HILL Sales Force Check evaluates your team's sales style, analyses potentials and strengths and determines where there is room for improvement —and how to achieve that.

Match up

Successfully matching up your employees

No matter how big or small your company is, putting together a team can be difficult. With HILL Match-Up Analysis, finding compatible employees and aligning an existing team couldn’t be easier.


Chart your personal course with individual instruction and feedback

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, the areas where we need to improve to take our careers to the next level, but identifying them can be difficult. With coaching, you or your employees can gain useful insight into where you are, helping you to plot out where you’re going.

Leadership Academy/ Leadership Development Programme

Leading the way with leadership development

Effective leadership is one of the most crucial success factors in an age of constant change, globalisation, and digitalisation. But what leadership skills are needed to manage this transition successfully? Which personal abilities and skills are required to get the best out of your employees? And how does one overcome conflicts and constructively deal with increasing pressure to perform?