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Personnel Search & Selection

Personnel Search & Selection

Personnel Search & Selection: Project Briefing


We support you in defining the areas of responsibilities and competencies needed to reach the goals at a particular vacancy. Moreover, we pay attention to personality traits and values needed to contribute to the internal culture and to be successful in facing the challenges of the job and the organisation.



Personnel Search & Selection: Search Phase


Based on a clear project briefing and our in-depth labour market know-how, we define the optimal search strategy. We offer different search channels to reach a max of the targeted group, e.g. advertising on the most suitable media, executive/direct search, networking, etc. Our long-standing regional presence, local market knowledge and reputation built on humanistic approach ensure access to the right candidates for the vacancy.

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Personnel Search & Selection: Selection Step


We have the tools to sift out candidates who just don't match the profile. We utilise our bias-free evaluation concept, competency-based interview techniques, and psychological diagnosis to determine the real potential and fit of the candidates. Throughout this process we are in regular contact with you, ensuring the transparency and accuracy of the procedure.

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Personnel Search & Selection: Decision Process


At this point, we present a Short List of candidates to you that focuses on the areas defined in the briefing. In this stage, we take a back seat as you become more acquainted with the individuals on our Short List, providing you with support throughout the decision-making process.



Personnel Search & Selection: Final stage


We keep active contact with the candidates during the time between presentation and the Client’s decision managing their expectations about further steps. We can support you in contract negotiations and signing. For our placements we offer a guarantee period.

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Search, Selection and Outplacement

In every business, it is the people who work for a company who ultimately define its success. Working together with you, we determine an optimal candidate profile and use our arsenal of tools to put together a Short List of the best possible candidates for you to choose from.

Personnel Search & Selection

It is the people who define a company’s success

We support you in defining the areas of responsibilities and competencies needed to reach the goals at a particular vacancy. 

Assessment Centre for Recruitment

Maximum objectivity for the selection of new employees

You want to reduce the probability of a mistake in the selection process and choose people who are the right fit for your company?

Through questionnaires, interviews and simulation models of your business and your organization's design, we guarantee that you will not miss out on the candidates with high potential!


Onboard your new team member

40 % of employees who left their jobs voluntarily do so within 6 months of starting in the position. The 2 most prominent reasons are culture and opportunity mismatch.


Let your employees go without letting them down

No matter how much you may not relish the task, dismissing good employees is sometimes a necessary part of the job. However, the employment relationship does not need to end on a sour note: the HILL Outplacement Programme gives your employees an advantage in their search for a new job — and puts your company in a good light despite having to let members of your team go.