Increasing success over the long term requires sustainable measures. We identify the areas in your team where change is necessary and co-create the right measures together with you.

3valuation - 3D individual assessment

Three-dimensional orientation

HILL 3valuation offers you an excellent means of assessing your employees’ current competencies in a very “holistic” way. 

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HILL_BEST FIT (HILL Competence Analysis)

Put the pieces of the puzzle together with HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©)

Are you searching for an analysis tool that allows you to determine objectively how to best set up your team? Look no further than HILL_Best Fit (HILL Competence Analysis©!

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Management Check

Make sure you have the right leaders on board with HILL Management Check

Are your leaders reaching their full potential? Is their leadership style in line with your company’s needs? HILL Management Check is designed to give you the answers to your questions and provide you with solutions that maximise efficiency.

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Sales Force Check

Increase your bottom line with HILL Sales Force Check

No matter how great your products or services are, your company relies heavily on the power of your people to clinch the deal. HILL Sales Force Check evaluates your team's sales style, analyses potentials and strengths and determines where there is room for improvement —and how to achieve that.

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Match up

Successfully matching up your employees

No matter how big or small your company is, putting together a team can be difficult. With HILL Match-Up Analysis, finding compatible employees and aligning an existing team couldn’t be easier.

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Leadership Academy/ Leadership Development Programme

Leading the way with leadership development

Effective leadership is one of the most crucial success factors in an age of constant change, globalisation, and digitalisation. But what leadership skills are needed to manage this transition successfully? Which personal abilities and skills are required to get the best out of your employees? And how does one overcome conflicts and constructively deal with increasing pressure to perform?

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Engagement Survey

Full speed ahead with a productive, engaged team!

Your employees may be performing well, but are they as engaged as they could be? HILL Engagement Survey is designed to help you answer precisely that question.

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Organizational diagnostics

Your tool for making important management decisions

For an organization to be efficient, it  constantly hasto adapt to changes in its environment.

If you are looking for a competitive advantage and a sustainable outcome, you need a detailed preliminary analysis of your organization's current status - what works well, what needs improvement, and what needs to be changed in general. The information on these three aspects gives the opportunity to identify the actual risks for the organization.

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Change Management

The 8 steps of successful change

We suggest going together through the 8 steps of change to help you realize the true reason for the need for change; to find your own approach and vision, and identify the key elements you have to manage to ensure a successful process!

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