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Search strategy

Correctly defined requirement & qualification profile are the basis for a successful search strategy.

Based on our first conversation, we can offer the following combination of search methods to ideally approach the applicant market:

Executive search 

  • Analysis of the companies and positions presented on the market with respect to the Client’s needs and drawing a Target List
  • Research and identification of potential candidates
  • Formulation of motivation aspects and benefits of changing the position for the target persons
  • Discreet contacting of relevant candidates

Media search

  • Definition of the ideal media channels (print, online, specialised media, etc.)
  • Target-specific worded advertisement – it attracts more potential candidates, underlines your professionalism and is essential for the excellent impression and company branding
  • Takeover of the entire handling of the advertisement release


  • Search through the personal contacts of HILL consultants
  • Identification of adequate candidates
  • Contacting of potential candidates

NB! An exact search strategy will be defined for each position to be fulfilled with regards to its requirements and target group.

Our long-term experience shows that we can filter the best candidates for you in a knowledge-based and practice-proven methodology that is ethically and morally correct. This procedure also allows us to meet potential candidates at eye-level and to win them for the position in question.