For us it’s primarily about people. But we’re also just a little bit in love with (our) numbers. See the beauty of our numbers for yourself.

Company group: Headquarters in Vienna, a franchise network with 30 offices in 20 countries.

Experts: Around 200 employees internationally, the majority of whom are psychologists. Learn more about HILL Network.

You want more figures? Gladly!

We receive about 150,000 applications each year. Our candidates and run through our psychological test procedure in 28 languages.

We also conduct leadership programs, sales checks and management checks in more than 30 countries with hundreds of participants. (By the way, we are also happy to provide career coaching for individuals.)

Numbers are important to us when it's about guaranteeing objectivity and ensuring quality.

HILL International Bulgaria
HILL International Bulgaria

Бул. България 110, сгр. A, ет. 2 София 1618, България

+359 2 958 19 20