Personal Data Protection Policy

Date Updated: May 25, 2018

This document contains thePersonal Data Protection Policy of Hill InternationalLtd., entered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency under UIC: 200230989, with registered office and address: Sofia, Capital City of Sofia 1618 , Vitosha district, MANASTIRSKI LIVADI - WEST, bul. BULGARIA No 110, fl. 2, apt. A15, 16, with main activity: consultancy and mediation in relation to human resources, information and employment in the country and abroad, administration of salaries and payments, leasing services, including recruitment, psychological research of individuals , organizing and conducting training courses and seminars, including international participation. ("Politics").

"Hill International BG" Ltd. processes personal data of natural persons - clients of Hill International BG Ltd, its employees or other individuals listed below ("Data subjects" / "You" / "You") in order to provide services ("Services"), in accordance with this Policy and the internal rules for the keeping of individual Personal Data Registries.

In the processing of personal data, Hill International Ltd. complies with all applicable legal acts on the protection of personal data, including but not limited to Regulation (EC) 2016/679 (the "Regulation") and this Policy aims to inform the interested parties for the purposes of the processing of personal data, the grounds for processing, the categories of recipients to whom this data and your rights may be disclosed.


  • A Personal Data Register is any structured set of personal data available under certain criteria under the Internal Rules for Register of Hill International BG, which can be centralized or decentralized and is distributed on a functional basis.

1. Purposes of the Processing of Personal Data

Hill International BG collects the information provided by you personally in connection with the realization of its scope of activity, including hiring of employees and provision of services by Hill International BG Ltd. All Data Processing activities are documented in accordance with the Internal Rules for the Processing of Personal Data in Individual Personal Data Registries. Personal data are collected in order to fulfill the legal obligations of Hill International Ltd., to protect the legitimate interests of Hill International EOOD in accordance with the applicable legislation and execution of the concluded contracts.

1.1. Conclusion and execution of a contract. 

These are the goals necessary for the steps in the conclusion and performance of the contract between you and Hill International BG, including the data processing required for the registration and the services provided by the site. In addition, these goals include communication with you, including through e-mail, necessary in connection with the provision of the Services and / or your notification of changes in the Services provided. For this purpose, it may be necessary to process part or all of the above categories of data

1.2. Legitimate interest. The objectives of the legitimate interests of Hill International BG include:

Ensuring the proper functioning and use of the website by you, maintaining and administering the Services, resolving disputes, detecting and preventing malicious actions;

Communicating with you, including electronically;

Accept and process received signals, complaints, requests and other correspondence;

Protection of the rights and legitimate interest of "Hill International BG" Ltd., including the courts, and assisting in the implementation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of other users of the website and / or third parties concerned.

1.3. Legal obligations. These are objectives like:

Financial accounting activities where the processing and storage of information required by the law to perform tax, accounting and other reporting obligations is necessary;

Activities related to the fulfillment of statutory obligations to preserve or provide information;

Tasks related to the fulfillment of documentation obligations, reporting obligations and other obligations related to the fulfillment of the requirements of Regulation (EC) 2016/679 and applicable legislation, including in relation to the obligations under the Agreement on the processing of personal data and other applicable obligations.

1.4. Explicit consent. 

Your data may also be processed on the basis of your explicit consent, the processing in this case being specific and in the extent and scope provided for in the respective agreement.

Hill International BG Ltd. processes personal data only pursuant to this Policy and to the extent permitted by law. The information is collected when you register on the website.

2. Personal data collected, stored and processed by Hill International BG Ltd in the Registry "Natural persons". Term to be stored.

Personal data


Term of storage


Conclusion and performanceof the contract with Hill International BG, legitimate interest

Up to 3 years from the date of termination of the contract

Personal Identification Number

Conclusion and performanceof the contract with Hill International BG, legitimate interest

Up to 3 years from the date of termination of the contract


Conclusion and execution of the contract with Hill International BG Ltd., including acceptance and processing of complaints and signals, increase of the quality of the services provided by Hill International BG, legitimate interest

Up to 3 years from the date of termination of the contract

Other data voluntarily provided by you 

Execution of the contract by Hill International BG Ltd

Up to 3 years from the date of termination of the contract

Logos for using the site

Execution of the contract by Hill International BG Ltd

Up to 1 year from IP date, date and time, use of the Website (ie how you interact with our Website), information about your device (such as screen size), location

Personal data of employees

Implementation of legal obligations and employment contract

In the term provided by the social security legislation

3. Website.

The use of the website is possible without the need for registration and submission of any data by any user.

The personal data provided by you will be processed for the purpose of providing information about the services of Hill International Ltd., as well as for the purposes of personalizing the website in relation to your needs and improving the website. Hill International BG Ltd may provide some of the received data to other third parties in connection with the execution of your requests.

The services provided on this website are intended for persons over the age of 18. Hill International BG Ltd does not collect, use and disclose personal data of minors without the prior consent of a parent or guardian.

Hill International BG Ltd. declares that it complies with the legislation in the field of child protection.

4. Personal data rights

As an individual, a data subject, you have the following rights:

4.1. Right to information.

This Policy aims to inform you in detail about the processing of your personal data in relation to the Services  that are provided.

4.2. Right of access.

You have the right to receive confirmation that your personal data are being processed, accessed, and information about their processing and rights related to this.

4.3. Right of rectification.

You have the right to correct your personal data if it is incomplete or inaccurate.

Your data may be corrected by you and / or your authorized representative.

4.4. Right to delete.

You have the right to ask for data to be erased unless there is a material basis and / or legal obligation to process it.

4.5. Right of limitation in relation to data processing.

The Regulation provides the possibility to restrict the processing of your personal data if there are grounds for doing so.

4.6. Right to notify third parties.

If applicable, you have the right to request from Hill International BG EOOD to notify third parties to whom it has provided your data regarding the correction, deletion or limitation of the processing of your personal data.

4.7. Right to data portability.

You have the right to obtain the personal data you have provided and which relate to you in a structured, machine-readable format, and to use this data for another administrator at your discretion.

4.8. The right not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automated processing involving profilingthat produces legal consequences for you or in a similar way affects you to a significant extent unless there are grounds for that in the applicable data protection law and appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. 

No technology falling within this category is used when providing the Services.

4.9. Right of withdrawal.

You have the right, at any time, to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, which is based on your consent. Such withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing on the basis of the consent given until the withdrawal.

4.11. Right to appeal to a supervisory authority.

You have the right to file a complaint with a supervisor if you believe the processing of personal data relating to you violates the applicable data protection legislation. The supervisory authority in the Republic of Bulgaria is the Commission for Personal Data Protection, address: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov.

5. Contact person for the protection of personal data.

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please send your inquiry to the following address:

6. Non-disclosure of personal data.

Hill International BG Ltd collects personal data only in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection. Except as provided in this Policy, personal data will not be shared with other third parties. When it is necessary to provide your personal data to contractors of Hill International Ltd. related to the services provided by Hill International BG and its contractors, such data will be processed only according to the requirements of the law and in relation to the requested services.

Certain personal data may be disclosed to competent authorities by virtue of a law, court order or other appropriate act and / or if disclosure is necessary for the detection of criminal offenses in the country and / or abroad.

7. Liability.

"Hill International BG" Ltd. is not responsible for the policies for the processing of personal data on web pages to which this web site contains links to.

8. Confidentiality.

In the processing of personal data, Hill International BG shall take all necessary measures to protect the information from loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction, as well as publication to unauthorized third parties.