1.Granting access and using the website of “HIL International BG” EOOD(HIL Bulgaria), so-called “website”, you declare that you wish to use the services of the webpage and you have been familiarized with the current terms and are obliged to abide. If you do not consent and accept the terms, please do not use the webpage.

2.Personal information and application form

Personal information (personal data), that you give access to and/or share to our website through an e-mail or by other means, will be used by HIL Bulgaria following the terms and conditions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the national law on personal data protection accordingly. Any other message or material, that you send to the website, as well as questions, comments, propositions, etc., will be considered public.

Through the website HIL Bulgaria will gather, transform and store only the personal information (e.g. name, address, phone number or e-mail) that you have freely provided. If you do not want that information of you to be stored, please do not provide it. Similar information regarding the protection rules is contained in our policy for personal data protection. 

In some cases HIL Bulgaria can automatically (i. e. without a registration) collect technical information, connected to our website, which is not personal data (e.g. data of the type of operation system you use and the internet browser, domain name, etc.).

3.Ownership of the contents

Contents of the website, including not only the whole text and images is under protection. All rights, even those, that are explicitly mentioned here, are reserved. Usage of any content that is not within the aforementioned terms and conditions and without the written authorization of HIL Bulgaria, is forbidden.

4.Usage of the website

You have the right to preview the website, as well as print paragraphs of the contents only for non-commercial, personal and under the condition you abide by the content rights, connected with ownership rights and other purposes.

Please do not use the images of people or places without the explicit written permission of HIL Bulgaria.

Copying, providing, sharing, storing, etc. of parts or all contents is forbidden in any form without the written permission of HIL Bulgaria.

HIL Bulgaria has the right to suspend  your access to the website in case it has received a notification for breaking the terms and conditions of the website, including actions considered in bad faith.

In case you use parts or all contents on our website, please turn to information regarding the terms at hill@hill.bg

5.Links to websites for third parties

The website can contain links to websites that are ownership or operated by third parties, not by HIL Bulgaria. Those links are only provided for your convenience. HIL Bulgaria does not have any control over and do not take responsibility for the contents, policies for personal data protection or security of those websites.

6.Change in the terms

HIL Bulgaria reserves the right to change without prior notice the structure or the contents of the website, as well as to restrict the access at any time.

Please visit periodically this page with the sole purpose to get familiarized with the updated terms of usage, since they are binding to you.

7.Applicable law

The Bulgarian law shell be applied to all outstanding  issues. In the interpretation and application of the current terms, the terms used below will have the following meaning:

The website is a place on the Internet network with a name www.hill.bg, accessed through a unique address (URL) following a HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized internet protocol, and containing files, programs, texts, sounds, pictures, images or other materials and resources.

Useris any natural person who uses and is granted access to the website and its services, provided by the website.

Actions in bad faith or lack of actions, disrupting the normal functioning of the website, sending unwanted mail (SPAM, JUNK MAIL), flooding the channels or getting access to resources using the rights and passwords of others, using the systems for self-satisfaction or actions classified as sabotage, malware and systems for remote control of the systems, actions that can be classified as a crime or administrative fall according to the Bulgarian law or the law of another country.

All disputes, in regards to those terms, as well as the parties that have not been able to decide through negotiation and collaboration, shall be submitted to the Bulgarian court.

8.Current terms are applicable since 01.09.2018